Full service, on-site dental care delivered

D4 operates convenient, inviting, and modern dental practices located within your office or workplace. We staff top dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants to deliver comprehensive oral healthcare to your employees.

Quality dental health services delivered to your campus


of employers agree oral health benefits should prioritize healthy outcomes over volume of services delivered​.

And 51% of employers are interested in implementing a value-based care benefit design for dental coverage. D4 stands against the rampant fee-for-service, “Drill Fill and Bill” practices. We diagnose disease, aim to eradicate it, and focus on prevention and education. D4 oral health centers are value-based, prevention-driven practices.


of leading employers today recognize a powerful connection between oral health and overall health.

D4’s foundation and mission are based on the rich evidence that directly links oral to overall employee health.

Co-designing person centered care

With a personalized approach to dental care, D4 uses motivational interviews and lifestyle coaching to develop a specific patient plan that includes self-management responsibilities that extend beyond brushing, flossing and periodic dental visits.

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