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92% of leading employers today recognize the powerful connection between oral and overall health.​ D4’s foundation and mission are based on the rich evidence that directly links oral to overall employee health.


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Is a built-to-suit dental practice right for your company? Or is a temporary, pop-up clinic a better fit?


D4 will then design your custom dental solution.

Working together with your benefits, wellness and recruiting teams, we will roll out and integrate oral healthcare with your company.


Watch your team become healthier and more present.

D4 will share data with you about the success of the program and health outcomes of your team members.

Dental Health Services that support productivity and healthy work-life balance for your employees

By participating in oral care programs, employees are likely to feel more productive, present and focused during the workday. D4’s services also help employees manage work-life balance by allowing them to utilize health services on-site at their own convenience – rather than spending more out-of-office time for routine dental cleanings or urgent care appointments. By providing access to high-quality dental care, and helping employer healthcare teams identify, determine, and manage oral health risk factors – D4 aims to prevent employee dental disease before it interferes with the health and happiness of your workforce.

High-quality, comprehensive and field-tested oral care

D4 provides convenient and modern dental offices featuring state-of-the-art dental equipment and technology. Our network of experienced dentists and hygienists partner with employee wellness teams to provide a comprehensive care plan that is customized to each individual employee.

Leadership team with a track record of improving access to dental care.

D4 collaborates with employers to enhance employee health and wellness programs, and to help reduce the consequences of untreated pain and discomfort. With a leadership team of qualified dental experts, the D4 team partners with health benefits executives to deliver a new dimension in on-site dentistry. From generations of dental experience, the D4 team understands the barriers to achieving good oral care, and identifies the necessary steps to improve oral health on an organization-wide level.

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