Top employers should modernize their benefits with D4 on-site dental care. Here’s why:


of employers believe access to dental care is important for overall employee health.

D4 understands that employees who don’t maintain good oral health are more susceptible to systemic diseases such as diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases – even cancers.

D4 knows it’s hard to eliminate the problem of access to top dental care for employees – so we bring dental services to your campus doorsteps.


of employers believe that the oral health system is fair or poor.

D4 is here to change that. We bring the best, field-tested dental services to your employees to make it easy and convenient for them to follow the best oral care practices. We aim to eradicate dental disease by focusing on prevention and education, spearheading value-based oral care, while lowering expenses for employers and employees alike.


of employers are open to innovations in employee benefits such as convenient access to urgent dental care.

D4 brings the best dental practice to your campus doorstep – one of our key areas of expertise lies in providing top-notch urgent and emergency dental services.


of employers believe greater collaboration across medical and dental providers improves patient care​.

D4’s model of care is based on seamless integration with the medical teams of large employers.

Modernize your employee wellness programs with on-site access to full-service, employee-customized oral health care services

Healthier mouths mean healthier bodies and minds

Adding D4’s oral care services to existing wellness programs not only impacts employee productivity, but overall mental and physical health as well. With dental services conveniently located on-site, employees have the ability to receive professional care for untreated pain in the office, rather than taking more time outside of the office or scheduling appointments during their personal time. D4’s services also reduce healthcare cost exposure by identifying and managing untreated oral disease that may otherwise result in preventable Emergency Room and specialist visits.

Partner with D4 for Quality, Comprehensive Oral Health for Employees and Their Loved Ones

D4 partners with top employers to save employees time and hassle, and to help reduce the distractions of untreated pain and discomfort. We work with your benefits office to create a built-to-suit dental practice or convenient dental pop-up clinic in your office campus, at no additional cost for employees – and we customize each location to integrate with and enhance your existing benefits programs. Let’s enable your employees to be more present, productive and confident together!

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